Machine Reading

Evolution AI uses artificial intelligence technology to read documents, so humans don’t have to

Power to the processors

Machine reading is the use of computers to understand language, whether in structured documents such as financial statements, or unstructured text crawled from the web.

By training powerful machine learning models on huge amounts of text data, we have enabled our platform to understand text in multiple domains and formats.

Automate the repetitive stuff

The applications of machine reading cover a wide variety of use cases. Our systems can extract structured information from any document, including scans, images and pdfs.

The automation of back-office tasks such as keying-in invoice information and performing business function classification frees up employees for more innovative, creative tasks.

Explore the new frontier

Other machine reading use cases with wide business applications are:

  • Extracting named entities
  • Categorising content - determine the topic of text
  • Clustering content – identify and discover topics in text
  • Fact extraction – extract structured information for analysis
  • Relationship extraction – explore relationships between entities