Machine Reading Platform

The Evolution AI platform provides the cognitive capability required to develop enterprise-grade machine reading applications.

A feature-rich, intuitive workflow

Annotation interface for the fast creation of training data sets

Advanced machine learning models that have been tried and tested through multiple customer deployments.

QA interface for subsequent testing and tuning of the models

Information extraction

The intuitive workflow allows you to define the entities you want to extract, train models and deploy immediately.

Text Classification

Determining the sentiment and topic(s) in documents or social media posts is a perfect application of our classification capability. The classification option allows for pre-labelled data, as well as offering an easy-to-use annotation interface. After training, easily view key information such as model accuracy, the confusion matrix, column importance, and overall precision.

Text matching

Our platform’s text matching capabilities can be applied to matching CVs to job descriptions, finding paraphrases and, generally, finding non-exact matches between texts. On the left is an example of sentence matching, together with the matching score.

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