Royal Bank of Scotland

Evolution AI automates a number of tasks for the Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest

Our Partnership

Evolution AI really 'get' working in the banking environment.
  This is a long-term relationship for us.

Mark Qualter
Head of AI at RBS

RBS and Natwest partner with us because of our experience working with financial institutions in highly regulated environments. Together we have embarked on a number of projects to help the banks and their subsidiaries automate key business processes.

AI and Financial Crime

Watch Martin Goodson and Mark Qualter talk about how Evolution AI’s platform helps onboard business customers more efficiently.

Mark introduces RBS’s strategy to use AI to increase efficiency while generating revenue and managing cost. Martin then shares his insights from implementing AI projects for RBS.

Automated KYC

Evolution AI works with a number of other major banks in the UK and worldwide. For example, a UK-based private bank uses our platform to automate their KYC process. They are set to reduce their onboarding times by 90%.