Machines that Read

Get answers from your text data. Quickly. Accurately.

Artificial intelligence that reads like a human

Read any document

Scanned invoices



Flexible deployment

On-premise or cloud



Intelligent algorithms

High accuracy

Multi-lingual by design

Minimal data needed

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Use cases

Why we're different

Tried and tested - over 100 million documents processed for our customers.

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Technology developed with the support of one of the UK government's largest AI grants.

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Trusted by FTSE 100 companies such as RBS and RELX.

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Our partners


  • evolution-ai-favicon

    Andy Crisp

    Global Identity Data Engineering Leader — Dun & Bradstreet

    How [Evolution AI's solution] has been received by senior management has been fantastic. They're seeing significant improvements to our data, which are globally scaleable and at a very reasonable cost.
  • evolution-ai-favicon

    Piers Stobbs

    Chief Data Officer – Money Supermarket

    Evolution AI have opened my eyes to what’s possible with machine reading technology.
  • evolution-ai-favicon

    David Marcus

    VP Product & Alliance Management – UiPath

    [Our] partnership with Evolution AI is significantly easing our joint customers’ requirements.
  • evolution-ai-favicon

    Mark St. John Qualter

    Head of AI — Royal Bank of Scotland

    Evolution AI really ‘get’ working in the banking environment. This is a long-term relationship for us.
  • evolution-ai-favicon

    Alberto Pollieri

    VP & Chief Data Scientist — Oracle

    An enormously powerful system.