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Evolution AI transforms businesses by extracting value from data


We Build Data Products

Evolution AI create systems that extract structured data from unstructured text. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science have many applications: email us or call +44-207-041-7121 to arrange a free introductory workshop.

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Leaders in natural language processing

We are experts in natural language processing (NLP) using artificial intelligence. Our experienced team has worked on data projects for many FTSE 100 companies. Our systems autonomously extract information from text documents, reducing costs by over 90%.

Unstructured Text

Specialised systems built to extract information from documents and populate database tables or forms. Our systems work at scale - data sets containing millions or billions of documents are easily manageable.

Text Classification

We build end-to-end systems using artificial intelligence to classify text from business documents, web pages and official documentation.

Intelligent Web Crawling

Our intelligent web crawler can autonomously research topic areas online. The system categorises website content and extracts knowledge from websites.

Knowledge bases

Our system can automatically construct knowledge bases. Knowledge bases can be used to power automated conversational agents or semantic search engines.