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AI systems which read

Web pages Contracts Loan agreements Scanned forms Compliance certificates Bank statements Official documents Medical records

Machines that read

Employing people to read mountains of documents is a waste of human capital. Evolution AI technology reads and understands text documents autonomously, freeing up staff for higher-value work.

Our products enables the accurate processing of documents such as web pages or scanned documents. They can read much more quickly than humans can, understanding a million words in just 60 seconds.

Reasons customers come to us


Find covenants in contracts and find relevant clauses.

Analyse financial statements or compliance certificates.

Assess claims forms and analyse public information.

Improve search engines using semantic search.

Interpret medical records: extract test results from written text.

What we offer

Machine Reading

Make decisions or extract information from large volumes of text documents.

End-to-end Systems

Automate business process involving any type of document.

Flexible Deployment

Deployed on-premises or on-cloud. Securely process sensitive data.

How we work


Tell us about your problem and your current processes. Let’s brainstorm together.

Proof of concept

Test a small-scale system, proving our technology works for your problem.


Deploy a production system that works at scale and integrates into IT systems.


Piers Stobbs - Chief Data Officer, Money Supermarket
Evolution AI have opened my eyes to what’s possible with machine reading technology
Alberto Pollieri - Chief Scientist, Experian DataLabs
An enormously powerful system

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