Reasons to use the Evolution AI platform

Limited in-house NLP expertise but need state of the art performance
Little or no training data
Need easy integration through REST API
We provide an easy to use annotation tool to quickly generate training data.
Once the model is trained we instantly generate a production grade API ready for you to embed in your solution.
Valuable performance insights allowing you to investigate any issues and optimise your model.

What we offer

High Performance

State-of-the--art algorithms


Explainable decision making

Fast Model Development

Fast training time

Intuitive workflow

Instant REST API

Production Ready

Deployed on-premises or on-cloud

Securely process sensitive data

Typical Applications

Information Extraction

Financial documents

Medical records

News articles


Product categorisation

Language identification

Sentiment analysis


CV to job descriptions

Health records

Maintenance defects


Piers Stobbs

Chief Data Officer, Money Supermarket

"Evolution AI have opened my eyes to what’s possible with machine reading technology"

Alberto Pollieri

Chief Scientist, Experian DataLabs

"An enormously powerful system"

Andrew Crisp

Leader - Data Engineering, Dun & Bradstreet

"Evolution AI helped us achieve accuracy improvements in industry code assignment"

Faster time to market

Don’t spend weeks struggling to get machine learning models into production

Start using Evolution AI Platform